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Recent Study Shows that MacBook is Economical for Your Enterprise in the Long-Run


The recent report published by Forrester named “The Total Economic Impact of Mac on Enterprise” has analyzed how Apple’s MacBook can prove highly economical for your enterprise in the long run.   

As we already know, a company’s IT infrastructure decides how it will function in the long run. It includes several components, including devices and softwares, that an organization employs to maintain a perfect balance of positive customer experience and cost reduction.  

Among all the components, Apple’s Mac is among the top contenders that not just provide a smooth customer experience but also prove economical in the long run.  

With the help of the report’s findings, let us understand how Apple’s Mac has made this possible for organizations. 

Apple vs. PC 

Before inducting Macs into their system, corporations predominantly used PCs for their operations. Resultantly they had to face several challenges, especially in remote setups. For instance, Managing and deploying the PC was a manual task and thus time-consuming for the companies. This also affected the data security and productivity of the management. As a result, 100s of hours of productivity and millions of dollars were lost in the logistics and setup. 

However, as the study found, incorporating Apple’s Mac into the company across all the networks led companies to reduce the cost and increase productivity significantly by automating the setup, thus reducing the risk of data breach by 50% per deployed Mac. This led them to avoid the deployment cost of $37.5 million compared to that of a PC. 

And therefore, as it clearly seems, Apple’s Mac has moved away ahead of PCs.  

Cost Benefits of Apple’s Mac 

Increased ROI and Reduced IT Support Cost 
The Forrester study found that deploying Mac has resulted in 336% ROI, which clearly dissuades the convention that Apple’s Mac comes with a higher cost. Additionally, organizations save upto $12.4 million over 3 years, which is equivalent to saving $635 per Mac compared to the cost of support and operation for a PC.   

Reduced Risk of Data Breach 
The study has shown that deploying Macs into the company’s network has reduced the risk of data breaches by 50%. And as companies do not need to purchase additional software for Mac, it has further reduced the cost while protecting the data from cyberattacks.  

Reduces Labor and Hardware Cost as Compared to PC 
As deploying Apple’s Mac reduces the labor and hardware cost for the companies, it leads to average device life cycle cost savings of upto whopping $843 over three years. And after adding up all the costs, the total savings for a company over three years are $101.3 million.  

Improved Employee Performance and Engagement 
With a super easy interface and reduced bottlenecks, the organization, in total, improves its retention rate by 20%. It further reduces the start-up time by 80%, which leads to 48 hours of higher productivity over 3 years. 

As a result, the study found that the employees’ productivity improved by 5%, thus leading to 105 hours of additional productivity for Mac users on an annual basis. 

Although incorporating Mac devices significantly improves the overall cost and productivity, it is pertinent to employ experts to strategically set up Apple devices to realize maximum efficiency.  

Here comes Brilyant’s Mac TCO tool, which helps organizations realize the full potential of their Mac devices. This tool takes into account the scale of devices required in your enterprise and calculates the Total Cost of Ownership of a Mac versus PC over time. 

Brilyant, being the Authorized Service Provider and Reseller of Apple, brings in expertise that gives end-to-end solutions to its clients. Get in touch with us for more information.

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