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Mac TCO Tool

Learn the scale of impact with Mac in your Enterprise

This tool takes into account the scale of devices required in your enterprise and calculates Total Cost of Ownership of  Mac versus PC over time.

Why settle for less now when you can get more in the future?

How many computers are you planning to get?

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Calculation Parameters

PC Mac
Device Cost
Productivity Software
4,900.00 / year Microsoft 365
4,900.00 / year Microsoft 365 / Keynote, Pages & Numbers
Hardware Implementation Cost
Operating System
8,000.00 Windows 10 Enterprise
0.00 MacOS
2,000 / year
3,500.00 / year Jamf
Anti-Virus Software
500.00 / year
Device Encryption Software
850.00 / year Bitlocker
Support Cost
1,80,000.00 1 Engineer for every 300 units
2,50,000.00 1 Engineer for every 500 units
Energy Usage Cost
3,840.00 / year
1,920 / year
Productivity Loss Cost*
12,000 / year
6,000 / year
*- Calculated on 2% of average salary per year for PC and 1% of average salary per year for Mac (as per focus group research by Brilyant).

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