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Evaluate your readiness for Mac with the Mac Evaluation Utility Tool

Evaluate your readiness for Mac with the Mac Evaluation Utility Tool 

While deploying Mac on a larger scale in the organization, you might be wondering how you can get deep insights into its utility and accurate implementation strategy to help you extract the most out of the services provided by Apple. You might also want to evaluate the efficiency of the existing Mac devices in your organization and understand the changes you need to implement so that there is an improvement in the overall productivity and cost efficiency. 

With the help of experts, Apple’s Mac Evaluation Utility Tool allows you to analyze the effectiveness of implementing Mac systems along with a detailed analysis of the current IT ecosystem in your organization. This would not only help you understand the cost and time efficiency of the existing Mac systems but also suggests you a roadmap for further expansion of Mac devices.  

Moreover, with the help of your Apple Authorized Reseller, you can build a watertight strategy to deploy Apple devices in the enterprise’s IT ecosystem.   

What Business Problems does the tool solve?  

The report generated by this Mac Evaluation Utility Tool can help you solve several business dilemmas directly impacting your organization.   

  • You can bring in the best network configuration and optimization suitable to your organization.  
  • Enterprises can pinpoint the exact areas where Mac can deliver higher benefits to the enterprise in the long run.  
  • You can get a detailed VPN and network posture review.  
  • Organizations can identify the existing configuration affecting the remote workers and then plan to streamline it.  
  • You can also build a customized device management and support strategy. It helps reduce the help desk tickets and ensures all data security rules are in place.

Insights of the Report  

The Mac Evaluation Utility Tool, with 50+ variables, gives detailed insights across diversified categories so that you can be confident about Apple’s utility in your company. The Tool highlights:  

  • Solutions to help you modernize your organization’s identity.   
  • The method to concoct pitch-perfect strategies, profiles, and credentials.   
  • The need for utilizing modern device management practices such as MDM.   
  • Best ways to integrate users, devices, and roles.  
  • App security and compatibility with your existing systems and requirements.  
  • Usability and Profitability of using the Apple utility services and device management servers.  
  • The process to migrate to modern and latest practices.   
  • Importance of built-in, not bolted-on security features.   

Assessment of the Report

Once you’ve generated the report, you can assess the same with the help of an Authorized Apple Reseller like Brilyant. The Assessment topics might include:  

  • Modern device management   
  • Current IT trends  
  • Apple best practices   
  • Network connectivity  
  • Deployment  
  • Collaboration
  • Integration  

You can make an assessment on the following aspects:

  • Apple’s Mac Evaluation Utility Tool 
  • Brilyant custom analysis   
  • A one-hour consultation with an accredited Mac subject matter expert  

We at Brilyant support you in preparing to adopt Apple’s latest OS and Apple Silicon, optimize macOS® on corporate networks, and support your employee choice program. Therefore, as you make the assessment through the Mac Evaluation Utility Tool, you can get a deeper understanding of the current IT Infrastructure of your organization and a roadmap as to how can you make it more efficient and productive in the long run. This way, you can ultimately understand where and how to diversify your IT investments to achieve overall productivity, efficiency, and a secure environment.

If you want more information, feel free to reach out to the Apple experts at Brilyant Professional Services.

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