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Case Study

How an autonomous school under a central government agency transitioned to teaching with iPad

Key Takeaways:


440 ipadOS devices with MDM implemented


Cisco Meraki enabled more a more secure network 


The school was looking for solutions that tackle two major areas: unify management of devices and empower teachers with devices that simplifies their life. They needed an organised and simplified system so that they can focus on what's important: education.

Key Strategy:

One of the best practices experts at Brilyant advises is to do an in-depth analysis of the entire infrastructure before making any big or small changes to the infrastructure. With the help of Brilyant Professional Services, the school utilised the Explore service to get an in-depth report of its entire infrastructure. Keeping the current environment in mind, the school decided to implement Apple in education with iPads and Cisco Meraki for a more secure and well-managed network.

iPads allow for a much more customized experience in the classroom. Students have different learning styles, and iPads can serve as a multipurpose learning tool that they can customize based on their needs. Not just students, teachers will have a plethora of information at their fingertips. iPads are portable and easy to use which makes them the perfect partner for creative classrooms. The school enabled 440 iPads along with Mobile Device Management (MDM) to simplify the process of managing devices.

Cisco Meraki was recommended to save time, reduce operating costs while securely managing devices from the cloud using a single dashboard.



The organization was able to enhance the experience for their teachers using iPadOS, and simplified the responsibilities of the IT team with Cisco Meraki, which allowed them to manage their devices more cohesively.

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