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Boost Employee Experience with Apple Employee Choice

iPadOS 16 was first announced at the WWDC event and then was finally launched on the 24th October 2022. The iPadOS 16 is available for users and enterprises around the globe. Before you make the switch to iPadOS 16.1, get to know all about the features in iPadOS 16.1.

How to Understand if your Device Management Strategy is too Outdated

How to Understand if your Device Management Strategy is too Outdated

With the ever-growing use of mobile devices in companies, the workforce is intrinsically connected to virtual networks, which ultimately shapes the growth trajectory of any organization. And as new technologies are emerging and implemented, the need for bringing in a dynamic and updated device management strategy has become a must for the smooth functioning of workplace systems.

MacOS Ventura: What’s new in macOS?

MacOS Ventura: What’s new in macOS?

After a lot of anticipation, Apple on 24 October 2022 finally released macOS Ventura for all users. Major updates you need to watch out for are new features like Camera Continuity, and Stage Manager, and new apps like Clock and Weather.

Mobile Device Management Best Practices

The rise in preference for remote work and automation has led many organizations to shift to online systems. Mobile devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets, are now employed everywhere to connect with employees and streamline productivity across all departments.