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Exploring macOS Ventura

Exploring macOS Ventura 



What makes Appe’s macOS Ventura unique for you?  

Apple finally launched its latest Operating System, transcending from its previous version Monterey to Ventura. Also known as MacOS 13, Ventura has introduced new functionalities into your Mac devices to make you more productive and efficient in the workspace.  

Let’s hop in to explore some of the most intriguing features of macOS Ventura that you can utilize in the workspace to scale up your productivity.   

Features in macOS Ventura   

New Design
MacOS Ventura has used the sidebar-focused design in its System setting. Although the list of settings is ordered in the same way as iOS, you don’t have the option to reorder the list and modify the main window as per alphabetical order or recently used or favorites.   

However, there are certain shortcuts that you can master to efficiently use the new settings:  

  1. You can use the Search bar (Top-left in System Settings), Siri, or spotlight search to find out the specific settings quickly.  
  2. Alphabetically order the setting list by going to System settings and selecting View in the Menu bar.  
  3. You can also increase the height of the window by dragging the top or bottom or clicking on the Green+ Circled Zoom button.   

These tricks will reduce the complexity of using the new OS at your workspace and also not affect your productivity at any time. 

Amazing Messaging Features  
Sending the wrong message in a workspace can lead to confusion and hassle. With the new OS, you can now edit the sent messages within 15 minutes or delete them within 2 minutes. You can also retrieve the deleted messages within 30 days. Moreover, it allows you to manually unread the message if you don’t want to reply immediately.   

Enhancements in the Mail App   
No organization can seamlessly work without an advanced mailing system. MacOS Ventura has brought in new features, which have now made it par with other email apps. Employees and Executives have the option to unsend the email after sending it accidentally or schedule it to send automatically at a future date. Also, you will automatically receive notifications to send follow-ups on emails that haven’t received any response yet.   

And in case you forgot to CC someone or attach the files after mentioning them in the email, you’ll get an alert. To make it further time-efficient, now you can easily search for any item in the Mailbox. As you click the search button, you will automatically see a list of recent contacts, documents, photos, and emails without even typing anything.   

Shared Tabs   
MacOS Ventura has made it easier for different people to coordinate while working on a common project/task. They can now work on a shared tab from different devices within the workspace. This feature is especially useful for Project Leaders as now they can keep a tab on what other members are doing and coordinate accordingly. Apple also gives you the option to start a group chat and Facetime call as well.    

Transcending from traditional passwords, Apple has ventured into creating a secure password-less sign-in system known as Passkeys. It is unique in the sense that it is stored on your device only and not on a web server, thus reducing the risk of any password compromise or phishing attacks. This makes your organization immune to any security compromise.   

So rather than filling up the password on the login page, you will be prompted on your Mac screen to open your system through iPhone or iPad and use either Touch ID or Face ID to confirm your identity. This passkey will also be linked to all your iCloud devices.  

Lockdown Mode
Enabling Lockdown mode ensures another layer of protection on your Apple devices. It limits apps, websites, and features so that no malware or spyware can get access to any specific data of the organization.   

These unique features in the new operating system ensure flawless security, productivity, and coordination among employees within the organization, thus ultimately helping you improve the overall results.   

We at Brilyant provide you with an expert team to efficiently implement all the new features of macOS Ventura that can help you enhance employees’ productivity and the organization’s efficiency in the long run. So do check out our website and schedule a call with our experts.

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