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Evaluating the Demand for Digital Transformation in 2022

The world recently saw a major push for developing technologies that cater to remote and hybrid working setups. Companies are rapidly embedding several technological advancements, majorly Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Internet-of-Things, Blockchain, and Machine Learning, into their IT infrastructure to scale their business and improve engagement with customers.  

This has ultimately resulted in a flexible yet secured hybrid working setup. And as startups and companies are vying for technological solutions, the demand for digital transformation has reached a new height. 

Let’s try to understand the recent developments in further detail.  

Significance of Digital Transformation  

Pre-pandemic and post-pandemic are two different time frames to measure the level of digital transformation. The Pre-pandemic period used digital transformation mainly to improve customer experience. However, as the pandemic hit, companies have shifted to focus on improving their operational efficiency through machine learning and bringing about constant innovation in their services and products.  

Moreover, organizations have prioritized cloud and data technology to enhance employees’ productivity and efficiency. As a result, the tech investments for a flexible yet robust digital transformation can potentially lead to 5 times growth in the organizations.  

Strategies to adopt for Digital Transformation  

As the companies are investing majorly towards innovation and digital transformation, here are some strategies that can be deployed to enable a hybrid workforce and operational efficiency across the company’s network. 

Zero Touch Deployment 
The post-pandemic business strategy has implemented the idea of a hybrid workforce. Here Digital transformation can easily help in setting up hybrid systems without any manual input. This is what we call zero-touch deployment, where the company can provide an updated and fully integrated network setup to all its employees, who can then work from their homes or workspace at any time.  

Robust MDM 
A significant part of the Zero Touch Deployment is Mobile Device Management (MDM) which allows organizations to keep track of all mobile devices through a centralized system to secure the company’s data and IT infrastructure.  

As a part of digital transformation, this helps secure the organization’s ecosystem while enabling the management to keep an eye on the employee’s activity and productivity. 

Focus on Agility and Experimentation  
As part of a strategy, it is pertinent to adopt new practices that help organizations be on top of their game. This helps in embracing changes and results in optimal usage of the tech investment.  
And with the help of better data analytics and sustainable supply chains, companies can quickly help their customers adopt the best technologies that will benefit them in the long run.  

Adopt flexible and integrative technology  
Why would anyone be using Windows XP for their operations?  
The crux is that digital transformation is constantly evolving from one technology to another, aiming to serve clients in the best possible way. A single technology holds no good for digitalization. Thus, one needs to adopt flexible technologies to experience the speed and scale of development in the company.  

Moreover, using different technologies also brings the need for integration across the IT infrastructure for sustainable operations within the company.  

As more and more companies are vying for rapid and complete digital transformation, Brilyant brings in years of strategic expertise and end-to-end solutions to the organizations for their digitalization drive. Get in touch with us today to discuss more about our services and how we can help your organization for a sustainable digital transformation. 

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