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Onboard Apple Ecosystem Best Practices with Brilyant Professional Services

For businesses looking to take advantage of Apple’s best features, Brilyant Professional Services (BPS) offers a comprehensive program led by a team of experts trained in Apple Professional Services (APS) that caters to your specific needs and requirements.  

This guide will delve deep into the nuances of BPS to help you understand how it can improve productivity and efficiency in your organization.  

What is Brilyant Professional Services? 

Brilyant Professional Services is Brilyant’s mobility arm to help you reinforce Apple’s devices across your workforce and IT ecosystem in an efficient way.  

BPS program includes the expertise of a highly trained and experienced professional team, supporting organizations in enhancing their systems and processes that allow the employees to use Apple devices and software seamlessly in the workspace. In addition, BPS provides hands-on mentoring, both remotely and on-site, to help your team hit the ground running with Apple Professional Services. 

What does BPS offer? 

BPS offers its services in three phases to entirely encapsulate your requirements and build customized solutions for your organization. Let’s check out all the phases in detail: 

  1. Explore 

Explore Readiness Review is the 2-day phase involving both on-site and remote consultancy. It includes analyzing your current IT infrastructure and processes concerning HR, finance, procurement and support.

How does it work?
The team of experts will hold individual sessions with all the relevant stakeholders in the organization, covering issues ranging from ID management, Infosec, IT infrastructure, and networking teams to line of business and peer groups, end-user computing teams, help desk support, and more. The review further includes: 

  • Networking, Wi-Fi and VPN analysis
  • Enhancing device deployment and management
  • Improving security setup
  • Core applications and compatibility analysis
  • Directory services and single sign on setup
  • Application deployment and management
  • Analyzing backend infrastructure
  • Creating self-servicing and support models
  • Employee productivity and experience analysis
  • Evaluating collaboration setup

2. Endeavour
As the team concludes its exploration process, we move on to the 4-day phase, which analyzes the prospects of offering Mac devices to the employees and customize the solution to enhance productivity and efficiency. As soon as the organization confirms implementing Mac devices, the team starts the process of configuration, integration and enrollment in a systematic way.  

Identity Services Integration

  • Integration with SSO
  • Integration with identity provider
  • Configuration of LDAP services 

Enrollment of Devices

  • Assigning devices in ABM
  • Setting pre-stage enrollment configuration
  • Enabling user-initiated enrollment for macOS 

Setting Configuration- Jamf Cloud Instance

  • Integration of APN services
  • Integration of Apple Business Manager/ VPP token
  • Setting notification
  • Setting SMTP server
  • Delegating Privileges
  • Setting cloud distribution point 


  • Inventory preferences
  • Smart/Static Groups
  • Extension attributes

3. Extend-Project Handover

As we reach the 7
th day, the 3rd phase commences, which involves handing over of the project to Executive Sponsors and all the stakeholders to ensure the team has achieved the projected scope along with enabling the IT team with the know-how of managing the new ecosystem. 

This 1-day process includes:

  • Review and Presentation
  • Confirmation of acceptance
  • Project handover with next action point
  • Deployment validation with Executive Sponsor and every stakeholder 

Benefits of Brilyant Professional Services

Now that we have understood the subtleties of all three phases of the Brilyant Professional Services (BPS), let’s analyze its benefits and what organization can witness as soon as they implement the Apple Professional Servies into their IT ecosystem. 

  1. You get the support of APS-trained engineers to implement Apple’s best practices in sync with the industry standards. 
  2. Though the service is delivered remotely, you have the option for onsite support as well. 
  3. You receive customized solutions from a thought leadership expertise. 
  4. You can efficiently address workflow refinements and core architecture needs within the organization. 
  5. BPS enhances employee enablement and productivity. 
  6. The team highlights and mitigates potential risk factors. 
  7. We also mentor your team in order to automate the further processes. 
  8. We provide immediate feedback to the relevant stakeholders in the organization so that they can update their processes in their best interests 
  9. BPS delivers implementation milestones and next steps, ensuring everything is in sync with our goal. 
  10. Most importantly, our success criteria are based on your organization’s specific requirements. 



At Brilyant Professional Services, we understand that each project is unique and requires a tailored approach to ensure success while implementing Apple at Work.  In this regard, our project managers have extensive experience in a variety of industries and can provide you with the expertise you need to achieve your desired outcomes. 

By partnering with Brilyant Professional Services, you can be sure that your Apple device deployment project will be smooth and successful. With the help of its innovative program, your organization can easily unlock the potential of management of Apple services. Connect with our team today to know more about our services. 

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