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Boost Employee Experience with Apple Employee Choice


A recent survey titled “The Impact of Device Choice on the Employee Experience” conducted by JAMF of more than 500 enterprises worldwide highlighted the benefits and importance of giving employees a choice when selecting working technology and devices. Surprisingly, the survey concluded that providing options to the employees to use their preferred devices increases their overall productivity, retention rate, creativity, and job satisfaction at a skyrocketing rate. As a result, almost 50% of organizations are now allowing their employees to choose their mobile devices. 

However, the most intriguing part highlighted by the survey was that 72% of the employees prefer Apple’s Mac over a PC or other devices.  

The reason is apparent from the fact that Apple’s Mac and iOS devices are designed to simplify the entire process for the employee and organization alike. As a result of its popularity, Apple introduced the Apple Employee Choice for businesses to provide them with customized services and devices as per their employee’s requirements. 

And as organizations realize the value of bringing in the Employee Choice Program, we will examine why the disrupting number of employees prefer Apple over any other devices. 

Here’s why Apple Employee Choice Helps Businesses Enable a Holistic Employee Experience  

Focus on the Employee Preference: 

As Apple has a variety of products and services, employees can decide what type of device will work best for them. Moreover, employees can unbox their devices on their own, thus making the overall experience a positive one. This ultimately helps in smooth onboarding for the employee and enhances productivity in the long run. 

Simplified Deployment and Management 

Apple devices can be easily deployed and integrated across all the channels in the company. Moreover, the IT department can efficiently manage all the devices remotely, which helps them simplify the entire process in the organization. Therefore, a lot of time and cost will be saved on the maintenance and support of the devices.  

Personalized Experience 

Employees have the choice to personalize their devices and install those apps they deem fit for working in the most efficient manner. This helps in personalizing the entire user experience from onboarding to end usage of the device. And as there will be a basic common setup across all the devices, personalization won’t affect the company’s day-to-day functioning. 

Shared Responsibility 

Usually, IT support maintains the Mobile devices of the company. But with the inclusion of the Employee Choice Program, the responsibility for daily maintenance is shared between the IT support and the end user. 

Having understood why employees overwhelmingly prefer Apple devices, your organization will witness a low financial outflow due to high residual values for Apple’s network and reduced IT and support costs. Combing cost efficiency with enhanced productivity and employee engagement, you will have a compelling reason to inculcate Apple and employee choice in your IT infrastructure. 

While adopting the Apple at work program, employing expertise can immensely help in smoothening the entire process along with trusted Customer Support.  For instance, Brilyant can set up an Apple at Work program, offering end-to-end services ranging from device management and deployment to help-desk support and financing. The Brilyant Professional Services (BPS) provides organizations with the best-in-class team with high-end experience in Apple Professional Services. This allows organizations to employ the best practices offered by Apple at their behest. Moreover, Brilyant provides both remote and on-site support along with training your IT support to hit the ground running. 

Therefore, visit our BPS page to understand how Brilyant can help you deliver only the best of Apple to your Employees.  

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